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Welcome to Doctrine Seminary

Welcome to devoting yourself to studying God’s Word daily and being refreshed in your faith! We need to spend time with the Lord and His Word daily to recharge our spiritual batteries and prepare for daily victory in Christ.

Certificate of Biblical Doctrine

You and your friends will love this Bible Certificate offer. Would you like to get started on a great online Biblical Doctrine Certification program for free?
Course 1
Authenticity of the Bible
Archived Romans Bible Studies.
Course 3
Interactive Apologetics Debate.
Course 3
Interactive Apologetics Debate.
Course 4
Online Live Weekly Bible Study.
Ask Doctor Doctrine Radio Show.
Course 3
THEE Magazine.
Course 3
THEE Magazine.
Peter Zacharoff-Doctrine Seminary
Peter Zacharoff is founder of Doctrine Seminary ( where students can earn a "Certificate of Biblical Doctrine" ( Peter was born again in August 1975 and has enjoyed studying God's Word and growing in the faith from that day.
Peter Zacharoff

About the Online Seminary

International students receIve full scholarships if English is not their primary language. Everyone else receives their first class free. Application is also no charge. Scholarships are available for those in need. To apply just send your Gmail (not email) address to for the free international program or to for US residents and primarily English speaking students. He and his wife Debbie are both PhD Candidates in Higher Education Administration HEA (accredited at University of Phoenix 3.7+ GPA) where they each wrote separate comprehensive dissertation proposals on improving online education.

Peter also holds earned Masters degrees in Educational Leadership (Patten University in the innercity of Oakland, California) and in Biblical Studies (his thesis was on Evangelism) at San Francisco (Conservative) Baptist Theological Seminary (SFBTS). He only needs two more classes to complete a third Masters in Education from the University of the Pacific in California. He is a graduate with honors of Word of Life Bible Institute in New York WOLBI (also a dormatory supervisor and student leader). He  was trained in Open Air Evangelism at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. He did Open Air street evangelism in Times Square, between casinos on the Atlantic City boardwalk, and in many major cities on both US coasts.



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