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The Book of Romans (word by word) is a unique examination of many of the implied ramifications related to application of the meaning of the major themes of Romans. You will obtain a clearer understanding of what Paul was conveying to the Church at Rome as well as to us living in the here and now.


Daily Devotions in the Book of Ephesians, live every morning recorded in California. We are going one verse a day and are listening to the Holy Spirit as we aim to unpack the wonderful spiritual means God provides for us daily. You are welcome to attend. Join us!


Please join our Womens Bible Study in the book of Proverbs. When you click on the link above, please scroll down and make encouraging comments. God loves you and so do I.

Debbie Zacharoff
PhD Candidate, education


The Ask Doctor Doctrine daily live online radio show promises to answer your call-in questions. We are live online Monday through Friday at 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. CALL IN ON YOUR CELL PHONE LIVE BY DIALING 
1 (510) “J E S U S – I S”
that’s…. 1 (510) 537-8747



This ministry is designed to offer an outlet for Christian workers around the world to post links to videos about their ministry. It could a missionary giving an update. It could be a shared church service or Bible study.


This online magazine allows you to publish articles from a Christian perspective about topics related to Christians in the world. Post your articles here for free (wait for approval) and then share them with others. Blessings!