Certificate of Biblical Missions 

An introduction to the work of a missionary

Instructor: Rodney Myers

This program will not prepare you fully to become a foreign missionary, but it is intended to get your feet wet and to spark your interest in the Mission Field or in supporting the work of Missions. The program will guide you through 10 urgencies in Missions preparation. Don’t worry, you’ll just take one step at a time, much like a missionary on the mission field. A missions qualified guide will walk with you through the entire process. When done, you will have a wonderful online document introducing yourself to many major aspects of missionary work. We trust that getting into the Word and focusing on missions work will challenge you to to take the next step in your walk with the Lord, wherever that may lead you.

TO GET STARTED: To get your free application AND free first class, simply send us your GMAIL address (not any email) address to info@DoctrineSeminary.org to get started. Tentative acceptance is automatic. Upon completion of your first term paper, you may decide to continue. Classes are pay-as-you go (only $99 per class). We believe that completing the Certificate of Biblical Doctrine will not only strengthen your faith but bring great blessing as you delve into the Word. Blessings!