Certificate of Biblical Apologetics 

Defending the Faith

Instructor: Rocky Marquiss

The Certificate of Biblical Apologetics will prepare you to defend the truth according to the Word of God and Creationism. The world doubts the existence of God and challenges the truths in the Bible. It replaces creationism with evolution, faith with failure, hope with hopelessness, and truth with lies. Know what you believe and why to defend the Word of God and proclaim the Savior.

TO GET STARTED: To get your free application AND free first class, simply send us your GMAIL address (not any email) address to DoctrineSeminary@gmail.com to get started. Tentative acceptance is automatic. Upon completion of your first term paper, you may decide to continue. Classes are pay-as-you go (only $99 per class). We believe that completing the Certificate of Biblical Doctrine will not only strengthen your faith but bring great blessing as you delve into the Word. Blessings!