Certificate of Biblical Doctrine 

Explore 10 Critical Bible Doctrines

Instructor: Peter Zacharoff

You and your friends will love this Bible Certificate offer. Would you like to get started on a great online Biblical Doctrine Certification program for free? The purpose of Biblical Doctrine certification is for you to express your doctrinal positions in writing while supervised by a qualified theology teacher. You must defend your scriptural positions contextually. Upon program completion, you will have a personal online portfolio of what you believe, supported by contextual scriptures, regarding the fundamental Doctrines of the Christian faith as a springboard for ministry.

TO GET STARTED: To get your free application AND free first class, simply send us your GMAIL address (not any email) address to info@DoctrineSeminary.org to get started. Tentative acceptance is automatic. Upon completion of your first term paper, you may decide to continue. Classes are pay-as-you go (only $99 per class). We believe that completing the Certificate of Biblical Doctrine will not only strengthen your faith but bring great blessing as you delve into the Word. Blessings!