Peter Zacharoff-Doctrine Seminary
Peter Zacharoff is founder of Doctrine Seminary

Peter was born again on August 21, 1976 and has enjoyed studying God's Word and growing in the faith from that day.

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About Peter and Debbie


Peter and his wife Debbie are both PhD Candidates in Higher Education Administration HEA (accredited at University of Phoenix 3.7+ GPA) where they each wrote separate comprehensive dissertation proposals on improving online education.  

Peter also holds earned Masters degrees in Educational Leadership (Patten University. located in the inner city of Oakland, California) and in Biblical Studies (his thesis was on Evangelism) at San Francisco (Conservative) Baptist Theological Seminary (SFBTS). He only needs two more classes to complete a third Masters in Education from the University of the Pacific in California.

He is a Biblical Studies graduate with honors of Word of Life Bible Institute in New York WOLBI (also a dormitory supervisor and student leader). He  was trained in Open Air Evangelism at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. He did Open Air street evangelism in Times Square, between casinos on the Atlantic City boardwalk, and in many major cities on both US coasts. 

He was a Missions major at Philadelphia College of Bible PCB (now Cairns University) and took Creation Science classes at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) at Christian Heritage College in San Diego (now San Diego Christian college) where he learned Biblical Greek and graduated with a double major in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Studies. He studied Church History at Talbot Seminary and US History at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA). He studied Old Testament and took Biblical Hebrew at Golden Gate Seminary (GGBTS), San Francisco (now located in Los Angeles). 

He’s also a veteran of the Cold War where he was stationed on the Iron Curtain on the East German border in the seventies. Peter enlisted right after high school. He also served as a Chaplain’s Assistant and Sergeant in the US Army. He earned several unit physical fitness records during Basic Training and became the honor graduate of the US Army Leadership Academy, Europe. Peter also speaks  German.

He and his wife, Debbie, both taught in Christian schools for over 15 years each and hold Lifetime Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) teaching certifications. Peter holds two California state teaching Credentials in Multiple Subjects education and Special Education.  

Debbie completed two Bachelor degrees (Home Economics and Secondary Education) from Christian Heritage College, San Diego, as well as a Masters degree in Elementary Education.  Debbie also has her California School Administrator credential. 

As “Doctor Doctrine” Peter has debated theology online on Paltalk and Facebook for over 20 years including hosting the online radio show, “Ask Doctor Doctrine” ( where he answered questions about correct Bible doctrine. He also held a weekly online Zoom Bible Study on Facebook ( where he went through Romans word-by-word. He started an online Christian magazine ( and a Missions information online channel called Now he’s starting a daily devotions online webcast (

Peter has been a faithful weekly member of The Gideons International for over 10 years, serving as Church speaker, local camp president, vice president, secretary, and other positions in the camp. Peter also served as a California Gideons Area Director for most Bay Area San Francisco counties from Napa to San Jose as well as a California Regional Program Leader (RPL) for Gideon Cards and Membership. He was the Registrar for the 2014 Oakland Bible Blitz and was “Prayer and Witnessing Chairman” for The Gideons International Convention (2018) in San Jose, California.

He’s been married to the same lovely lady ( for 40 years (they have no children but take care of Peter’s severely disabled younger brother Andy who lives with them since his mom went to be with the Lord). 

For recreation, they enjoy travel and off-roading on dirt roads in the Western states ( They have done live webcasts of their journeys (“Western Dirt Roads” on YouTube). 

Peter is a dedicated Republican and ardent supporter of Donald Trump for President in 2024.