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Welcome to Doctrine Seminary

Welcome to devoting yourself to studying God’s Word daily and being refreshed in your faith! We need to spend time with the Lord and His Word daily to recharge our spiritual batteries and prepare for daily victory in Christ. Doctrine Seminary Online is currently offering a “Certificate of Biblical Doctrine” which may be earned by completing 10 guided essays on Critical Biblical Doctrines. THE APPLICATION AND FIRST CLASS ARE FREE TO YOU. We do not spoon feed you doctrine, we guide you on your search for truth as you delve into God’s Word. You will use the Internet to search for Bible verses related to one of the critical doctrines as a topic for each of the essays. Once you find Bible verses that teach that doctrine, copy a verse or short passage, and paste it into your Google Doc. Then simply add commentary to support the teachings presented in the selection. This is actually very enjoyable and easier than you imagine. You can use your cell phone to research applicable verses and copy and paste them into your essay. Then turn on your smart phone microphone (near keypad) and just say what is on your heart. Your essay is being typed directly into the document while you speak. What could be easier? Repeat the process until you have over 1,000 words in your essay (word count available in Google Docs), and submit the paper for approval. Just send us your GMAIL (not email) address to to get started.